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The business understanding of ZİN D Yatırım ve Yönetim Geliştirme A.Ş. has been built on the foundation of sharing the values to be created with an approach of Ethics, Aesthetics and Logic and exceeding the expectations of those who trust the company for the projects to be constructed with the consciousness of investment development in a concept-based way based on the productivity, quality and manageability in every situation.

The business activity of our company is to develop medium-sized business centers and residential projects, to manage all the processes from the land phase to the sale or lease including design, creating projects, manufacturing. In addition, projects suitable for the purpose of use are developed and presented to the buyer or tenant candidates, and then it is constructed after a preliminary agreement is made.

As a company, our basic goal is to create liquid and productive results for real estate investments, which we consider to be the most important investment instrument in short and in general in the medium and long-term with a value and sales ability which exceed the expectations of our customers and investors by using the Management Skills we have gained as a result of our information and experience and by creating values.